All relationships have their ups and downs. Partners may hurt each other’s feelings, either unintentionally or in the heat of battle. When the injuring partner realizes what has happened, or cools down enough to regret the comment, a heartfelt apology is usually needed, and then the couple can move on.

But some wounds are so deep it’s hard to get past them. They seem to threaten the very fabric of the relationship. Even after a sincere apology, the injured partner may not be able to move on. The remorseful partner may become angry, fearful, or hopeless, not knowing what else to do or whether they will ever be forgiven.

Many couples do hard work to get to this point, and then get stuck. Not knowing what to do, they may do nothing. Or they may grow impatient and sabotage their hard work. Either way, they are unable to move ahead and the relationship itself may feel threatened.

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