Ruth Jampol Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist works with individuals, couples and families

Ruth Jampol Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist working with individuals, couples and families

Welcome! I am Ruth Jampol, Ph.D., a psychologist in Newtown, PA with many years of experience treating couples, families, and individuals of all ages.  Thank you for this opportunity to share my treatment philosophy and methods.

Every individual is unique, with different strengths, needs, and desires.  Research shows that a trusting therapeutic relationship provides a foundation for change, and that within this relationship, many different interventions can be helpful.  I listen carefully to my clients and individualize my approach to best utilize their strengths and meet their needs.  Drawing from a variety of evidence-based therapies, I collaborate with each client to develop a plan likely to be effective.

I treat people of all ages with a variety of problems, including mood disorders, anxiety, self-esteem issues, defiant or disrespectful children, stressful life changes, and grief and loss.  Depending on the situation, the client and I sometimes decide to address issues individually and sometimes through couple or family therapy.

My specialty is relationship distress, whether involving couples, parents and children, adult children and aging parents, siblings, or even friends.  Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), a non-blaming, humanistic approach to interpersonal conflict with over twenty years of research supporting its effectiveness, provides the foundation for this work.