Common Questions

Sailboats-2How do I know if I need therapy?
People come to therapy for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes the signs that you need help are obvious:  you and your partner are angry at each other much of the time; your child doesn’t listen to you; you are feeling depressed and having trouble getting through the day; anxiety and worry are keeping you from living your life fully.  Other times it’s not so clear.   Perhaps you are facing a life challenge and feeling overwhelmed; or you and your partner are not as close and connected as you once were;  or your child seems unhappy and aloof;  or a number of stressors have hit you at once and you’re not functioning as well as usual.  If you are wondering if therapy is right for you or your loved ones, you may want to schedule a free fifteen minute phone consultation to discuss your concerns.

How long does therapy usually last?
Everyone is different, and people come to therapy with different goals and needs, but many people find they benefit from relatively short-term treatment of between eight and twelve sessions.

Do you take insurance?
I do not bill insurance directly and I am not an in-network provider for any insurance carriers.  However, many insurance companies will partially reimburse for services.  Check with your insurance carrier.

How much do sessions cost?
My fees for sessions are $150 for a 50 minute individual therapy session, $195 for a 75 minute couple or family therapy session, and $300 for an initial two-hour session of Discernment Counseling. For people of limited means, a sliding scale is available based on family income.  If you require a sliding scale, we will discuss this by phone before setting up a first appointment. I accept cash, checks, and major credit cards.

How do I arrange an initial appointment?
I like to talk briefly to all potential clients by phone before scheduling an in-person session to make sure I  can meet your needs.  You can contact me either by email or phone 267-291-4254 and I will call you back.  Be sure to include your phone number and  times you are available to talk.

What if I’m not sure you can help me?
If you are not sure whether I am the right therapist for you, you may schedule a free, fifteen minute phone consultation either by email or phone 267-291-4254.  Be sure to include your phone number and  times you are available to talk.